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Related article: Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 17:00:58 -0800 (PST) From: Justin Lane Subject: After the Football Game It was my sophomore year in high school when Taylor and I became friends. We had two classes together and we were both athletic. Anyway Taylor was a junior and very good looking. He was short though about 5'7 maybe 5'8 and I was 6' big difference huh. Other than that he had dark brown hair, blue green eyes, and a very nice tan. It was football season and Taylor was on the team. I was only the equipment manager because I had hurt my knee in the previous season and couldn't play again. The night of the first football game I stayed on the sidelines and just watched. After the game when everyone went to take a shower Taylor waited until everyone left to take a shower. As all the players would come out of the shower I would hand them towels and stuff plus I would talk with Taylor while I was waiting on them to get done. We found out that we had a lot in common. When everyone was gone he undressed and went to take a shower. We said our good-byes and I started to leave. When I got to the parking lot I remembered that I had left my CD player in my locker so I went back to get it. When I walked in I herd the water running so I knew Taylor was still in the shower. All of the sudden I got the ideal of "accidentally" walking in on him. When I walked into the shower room Taylor was under the back shower with his back turned to me. When I looked closer I could see that he was stroking his cock. I said "oops interrupted you didn't I?" He turned around and his face turned blood red. He grabbed a towel, rapped it around himself, turned the water off, and walked over to me. He said " whatever you do, you can't tell anyone about this". I said "Don't worry about I wont tell every guy does it". He let out a sigh of relief and nodded yeah. He smiled and I smiled back. I had herd he was BI but I had never asked him. He put his arm on my shoulder and said "Justin Free Lolitas Bbs I know you like me. I've seen you checking me out in class and in the hallways." I just nodded my head because it was true and I couldn't lie to him. I started to walk out but he wouldn't let me he grabbed my hand, pulled me close, and kissed me. When our lips met I felt a tremble go down my entire body. When we pulled back he I just looked at him and smiled. Then he started unbuttoning my shirt. When he got to the third button we herd someone coming in. It was the coach. I buttoned my shirt and we ran out the back door. We held hands and walked out to his truck in the parking lot. When we got to his truck he opened the door for me and let me in. When he got in he kissed me and said "It's getting late I'll take you home." When we got to my house I got out and went inside. A few days passed and he and I would talk and make out in the men's restroom at school. When the weekend rolled around again the second football came too. Taylor played really hard and got really sweaty. After the game when everyone else had went home he went to take his shower. I stayed around and waited for him to get done. When he cut the water off and came back out into the locker room he had his towel around him and came over and kissed me. As he kissed me he slipped off his towel. I couldn't help but look down at his rock hard dick. It was a good 8 inches maybe more. I was a bit smaller like 5 inches but it was still poking threw my jeans. As he kissed me he was tickling the top of my mouth with his tongue. Then he took off my T-shirt and started rubbing my nipples. Then he started kissing my chest. It felt so good my dick was spiting pre-cum all in my boxers. As he kissed my chest I remembered the couch that was in the coaches office. I said, "wait lets go get on the couch". He got stood up, picked me up, and carried me into the coaches office. When we got inside he threw me on the couch and got on top of me. He straddled my legs and took off my pants and boxers. He leaned down and started licking the pre-cum off of my dick. When he licked it clean he said "that's not enough" and started sucking my dick. As he sucked he was licking the tip of my dick I started moaning. He continued sucking, then I let out a loud moan and shot a load of sticky cum into his mouth. He swallowed most of it the he kissed me and shared the rest of it with me. After he kissed me he leaned down at my ass and started rimming my virgin ass hole. I was about to have another orgasm just feeling that. After he wet my ass hole down with his spit he raised my legs up and slowly pushed his 8-inch rod into my tight ass. When he got it all the way in he started gyrating his hips. It felt Free Lolitas Bbs so good that my dick got hard again. I started jerking off as he took my virginity. I started moaning and shot my load into the air. It landed on my chest and hit him on the lips. He licked it off then he started moaning and fucking me harder. I knew he was about to cum. The he let out one last moan and shot his wad into my ass. He pulled out his dick and wiped the cum off with his fingers. Then he put his fingers in my mouth his cum tasted great. Then he kissed me again and laid down on my chest. He kissed my chest and I was stroking his hair. Then he raised up and said, "I love you". I raised up and said, "I love you too". We kissed, put on our clothes, and went out to his truck. When we go in I scooted over next to him and laid my head on his shoulder. We pulled out of the parking lot and he took me home. We met on many occasions after that and had lots more fun. THE END!Comments/suggestions send to:
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